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Friday, July 3rd


Our retail case is now online! See something you want? Simply call to order by phone or, as always, visit our shop. We are offering both curbside and walk-in service. To make it even easier, you can PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLINE. Just click the red ORDER NOW button on the right. 

We're cooking all day for you. Bakery items are ready early in the morning. Sandwiches and daily salads are ready mid morning. Most other dishes are ready by early afternoon. Many sell out fast!

Please don't hesitate to call ahead to inquire about availability. Or place your order online, and we'll reach out to you if necessary. 

Starred dishes
are not ready until the afternoon


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HOURS:  Mon - Sat: 7am–7pm, Sunday: Closed  VISIT:  39 Chestnut St., Cold Spring, NY  10516
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