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We're cooking all day
so you don't have to

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What's Cooking Today?

All day long, we're busy making great good food to go. We use wholesome ingredients and traditional cooking methods to offer takeout of uncompromising quality. To see what's new to the retail case today, click the button below. Or stop in to see what we've been cooking. We'd really love to see you!

Almost 25 years ago, two friends with a passion for cooking opened The Main Course, Etc. with one clear ambition –– to share the foods they loved with the community they loved.

Behind a small storefront in Cold Spring, NY, they set up a commercial kitchen, outfitted it with pots and utensils from home, and set to work cooking. Ever since, it's been a race to keep up with the demand for their high quality takeout –– "slow food" founded on the principles of the Mediterranean Diet. But owner and chef, Kevin Lahey, says there is no magic recipe for success. "We practice traditional cooking, making small batch dishes every day that are bright and nourishing. For us, each day is a fresh start, and we never, ever compromise. 

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